Društvo za pomorsko pravo Slovenije

Korporacijski člani

Round table discussions and other important meetings

The association organized the following professional round tables, the content of which can be seen from the published articles:

  • the Hamburg Rules;
  • the new Slovenian Maritime Code;
  • marine claims and arrest of ships;
  • ship register;
  • maritime pilotage (visit of Mr Topp, Chairman of the European Maritime Pilot Association);
  • stevedoring services;
  • maritime liens and conflict of laws (visit of Prof. Tetley);
  • novelties in transport insurance;
  • presentation of Andrej Pirš’s book on transport insurance;
  • experience of Croatian colleagues on the modification of their Maritime Code;
  • presentation of two books written by Prof. Dr. Marko Pavliha on transport law and insurance law;
  • lecture on the maritime boundary dividing the Bay of Piran, and Slovenia’s access to the high sea;
  • Special General Meeting called at the occasion of the visit of Prof. Dr. Attard to Slovenia.