Društvo za pomorsko pravo Slovenije

Korporacijski člani

Other projects

Especially the following should be mentioned:

  • drawing the attention of the Slovenian Government to the neglected role of maritime affairs in Slovenia;
  • participating in drafting of the Maritime Code;
  • co-operating with the Department of Maritime and Transport Law at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport (all members of the Department are active members of the Association);
  • co-operation with the Federation of Lawyers’ Association of Slovenia (the President of the MLAS has been re-elected as member of the Executive Council);
  • co-operation with the Ljubljana Lawyers’ Association;
  • co-operation with the Lawyers’ Association of the Costal region and Karst region;
  • co-operation with the Croatian Maritime Law Association (the President is member of the association);
  • designing of the Association’s website.

It also needs to be mentioned that the Association does not neglect social life. This is demonstrated by the traditional fish picnic and other entertaining (mostly culinary) events.