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4. ADRIATIC MARITIME LAW CONFERENCE (23-25.5.2019, Portorož)








Avv. Giorgio Berlingieri
The Italian Maritime Law Association (1899 – 2019) – over the 120 years since its foundation
Prof. Dr. Gordan Stanković
2019 Amendments to the Croatian Maritime Code – an overview
Prof. Dr. Norman Martinez
National Considerations in the Application of the LLMC Convention in Domestic Law
Avv. Enrico Vergani
Recent developments and expected changes in Italian port law
Dr. Boris Jerman
The legal regime regulating the Port of Koper in the light of EU acquis 
Prof. Avv. Elena Orrù
Recent developments on public financing of sea port infrastructures and services according to EU law and case law
Dr. Božena Bulum
Corporate tax exemptions for ports according to the recent decisions of the European Commission and Court of Justice of the EU
Avv. Lorenzo Fabro
The port governance in Italy – present situation and open issues
Dr. Mitja Grbec
Liability and compensation for transboundary oil pollution damage: is there a compelling need for an Adriatic (sub) regional agreement?
Doc. Dr. Mišo Mudrić
Energy related concessions on maritime demesne in Croatia
Prof. Avv. Massimiliano Musi
The reform of the Italian Pleasure Sailing Code: a focus on the main changes
Prof. Dr. Ranka Petrinović – Dr. Vesna Skorupan Wolff
Yacht charter party agreement – a new contract in Croatian Maritime Law
Prof. Avv. Giovanni Marchiafava
Cruise tourism liability regime: current legal issues
Doc. Dr. Adriana Vincenca Padovan
Marina operator liability for damage to vessels at berth – a comparative approach
Ing. Suzana Martinović – Ing. Irena Maslovar
Legal Framework for Nautical Tourism and Marinas in Montenegro
Avv. Simona Coppola
Short sea shipping in the Adriatic sea: what changes?
Mag. Sandro Vidas
Croatian passenger ships in front of EU and IMO emissions reduction regulations – The GUTTA Project
Avv. Filippo Cassola
Transport of passengers by sea: compensation of damages from an Italian perspective
Avv. Cristiano Alessandri
Passengers carriage and carrier liability at Italian law: some peculiar cases.
Mrs. Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport
EU Shipping State of Play and Importance of the Sector
Avv. Francesco Siccardi
The law and the practice in shipbuilding contracts
Zoran Tasić, LL.B.
Legal aspects of refund guarantees in shipbuilding
Prof. Dr. Patrick Vlačič
B/L on blockchain
Prof. Cinzia Ingratoci
Maritime traffic flow governance and European information sharing environment: the new frontiers of VTS services
Prof. Dr. Biserka Rukavina – Doc. Dr. Jakov Karmelić
Application of digital services in contemporary maritime transport
Margita Selan Voglar, LL.B.
How to manage cyber risks within the shipping industry
Jana Rodica, LL.M.
Looking to the future: recent developments in relation to autonomous ships
Prof. Avv. Chiara Tuo
Determining international jurisdiction over individual employment contracts at sea: an EU law perspective through the recent developments of the ECJ and national caselaw
Prof. Dr. Nikoleta Radionov
Maritime safety & security vs. human rights of seafarers: new trends
Branko Krznarič. – Lana Krznarič, LL.B.
Legality of a boycott action against a ship with the purpose of signing a Collective Bargaining Agreement
Doc. Dr. Marija Pijaca
Social reform for Croatian seafarers in the 2019 Amendments
Prof. Dr. Petra Amižić Jelovčić – Prof. Dr. Dragan Bolanča
Safety and security aspects in the 2019 Maritime Code Amendments
Prof. Avv. Pierangelo Celle
Excepted perils and the burden of proof in recent cases
Dr. Srđan Šimac
Mediation – a strategic tool for the risk management in maritime disputes
Dr. Petar Kragić
Tax reform in 2019 Amendments to the Croatian Maritime Code
Prof.  Dr. Jelena Nikčević
Port state control – implementation in legislation of Montenegro
Prof. Dr. Axel Luttenberger
Maritime domain governance