European maritime day 2016: ADRIATIC MARITIME LAW CONFERENCE ( 26-28 maj 2016)


AMLC 2016 Brochure with the Foreword


Prof. Avv. Stefano Zunarelli
The New Italian Law on Ports in the European Perspective
Prof. Dr. Dragan Bolanča
Legal Status of Sea Ports Open to Public Traffic in the Republic of Croatia
Ass. Prof. Patrick Vlačič
Seaports and Cariagge of Passengers
Avv. Enrico Vergani
Port Reforms and EU Regulation_the State Aid Issue
Dr. Boris Jerman
Legal Status of Seaports in the Republic of Slovenia
Avv. Simona Coppola
Short Sea Shipping in the Adriatic Sea
Loris Rak
Governance and Organization of Seaports_Croatian Legal Framework
Prof. Avv. Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe
The International Legal Framework on Offshore Activities and the CMI
Prof. Dr. Dorotea Čorič
Marine Pollution from Sea Bed Activities_Croatian Liability Regime
Prof. Dr. Axel Luttemberg
Environmental Impact Assesment of Hydrocarbon Seabed Activities
Prof. Dr. Marko Pavliha
Why Gas Terminals Should not be Installed in the North Adriatic Sea
Ass. Prof. Mišo Mudrič
Croatian Legislation with Regard the SeaBed Hydrocarbons
Dr. Mitja Grbec
International Legal Framework for Regulating of Offshore Activities in the Adriatic_Liability and Compensation
Avv. Massimiliano Mussi
The CMI Work Regarding Ships Nomenclature
Avv Andrea Berlingieri
Italian Legislation on Off-shore Activities
Avv. Lorenzo Fabro
Italian Legislation on Offshore Activities
Dr. Marija Pijaca-Marjana Šešelja
Comparative Analysis of Legal Framework Offshore Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation
Dr. Adriana Padovan & Dr. Iva Grgič
Is the marina operators berhing fee a privileged claim under Croatian legislation
Jana Rodica, LL.M.
Marine Environmental Impact in the Process of Decomissioning of Offshore Structures in the European Perspective


Signature of the Memorandum of Understanding (27.5.2016)