At the time of its establishment, the Association had 20 regular members. To date the number of members has reached nearly 90. The Association includes members of different professions, while it is increasingly attracting young members.

In the General Meetings of the Association, some internationally reputed experts in the field of maritime affairs and maritime law were awarded with the title of honorary member of MLAS. Those experts are (so far) : Prof. William Tetley, Q.C. (McGill), Geoffrey A. Topp (EMPA), Đorđe Ivković, Prof. Dr. Predrag Stanković (deceased) and Prof. Dr. David J. Attard (IMO IMLI).

In addition, on the proposal of the MLAS General Meeting, CMI appointed the following Slovenian Titulary Members: Prof. Dr. Marko Ilešič, Đorđe Ivković, Anton Kariž;, Prof. Dr. Marko Pavliha, Andrej Pirš and Josip Rugelj.