The main goals of MLAS are to study maritime law, to promote its development and reputation, to co-operate with government bodies in preparing and adopting marine-related legislation, to facilitate international unification of law, to promote the harmonisation of Slovenian legislation with acquis communautaire (the EU law) as well as to offer assistance and consulting services on maritime law to individuals and companies (Article 5 of the Articles of MLAS).

The Association advances its objectives by organising conferences and (round-table) discussions by participating in meetings of CMI as well as by investigating and drafting proposals for international agreements and domestic regulations (Article 6 of the Articles of Association). In its first “independent” period, the Association addressed an open letter to the government, drawing attention to the government’s careless attitude towards the role of maritime affairs in Slovenia; it organised a round-table discussion on the Hamburg Rules and actively co-operated in the preparation of the new Maritime Code. In addition, it was admitted to the Federation of Lawyers’ Associations of Slovenia.